DHV-04/100B Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit


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Heat Recovery Ventilation (also known as HRV, or mechanical MHVR) is an energy recovery system whereby a household or room is provided with fresh air from outside. Stale air from inside is exhausted after the heat from it has been transferred to the fresh incoming air via a heat exchanger.

As buildings are made efficient they are intentionally made more air tight, and consequently they are less well ventilated. Trickle vents or simply opening a window provide fresh air, but unfortunately heat will be lost in the winter and gained in the summer. HRV systems provide a household with climate control and promote energy efficiency.

Performing to the highest UK standards, all Boulder Developments products are fully tested & certified so you can trust that you’re buying the best ventilation system on the market. If you have any questions, just ask our UK-based team and we’ll help you out!

Our unit is specially designed for use in small properties like studio apartments where there is less airflow. The professional unit fits in compactly and works hard to regulate the temperature and purify incoming air. With a low energy consumption, it is the best for the environment and the best for your wallet.

This unit provides 40M3/h of ventilation on normal speed with a boost function achieving 100M3/h. This combination of normal speed with a boost function makes it an ideal replacement to your standard extraction vent in bathrooms providing constant ventilation throughout the day with added power for when you need it (such as when showering).

As with all of our units the DHV-04/100B comes with a condensate drain though due to its enthalpic heat exchanger core there is very little risk of condensation needing to be drained.



  • LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION: Save the environment and save money with our professionally tested and highly efficient heat exchanger – works silently using ultra low voltage
  • ULTRA COMPACT: Specially designed for use in small properties like studio apartments where there is less airflow
  • PERFECT CLIMATE CONTROL: Remove stale air and retain heat with our hard-wearing heat recovery system – great for small studio apartments or airtight spaces with little to no ventilation
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, SIMPLE TO USE: Comes with full installation instructions – if you have any questions, just ask our UK-based team and we’ll help you out!
  • SFP = 1.44
Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 44 × 38 × 19.5 cm

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