DHV-15B Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit with Auto Bypass Function

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The DHV-15B is a high quality cost effective unit. Adding the auto bypass functionality was something that was sought after from many of our customers.

The auto bypass function avoids the heat exchange process when the temperature of the incoming air is in excess of 20°C.
This unit provides 110m³/h of ventilation on its low speed with two further boosts of up to 130m³/h on its mid speed, and 150m³/h on its highest speed.

The DHV-15B has an aluminium heat exchanger which has up to 90% heat exchange efficiency, and has a built in condensate drain to handle any moisture created.


  • Up to 90% heat recovered
  • Suitable for domestic properties up to 100m²
  • Ideal for use in small homes and apartments
  • SFP = 1.64 on low speed