DHV-20B Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit with Pre-Heat Function

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The DHV-20B unit is the unit to choose when the DHV-15B just isn’t enough. With an air flow of 150m³/h on low speed, 170m³/h on middle, and 200m³/h on high, the DHV-20B offers a good variation of ventilation, and the highest flow rate of our B series units with the added function of pre-heating the incoming air.

The size of the DHV-20B unit is big enough to facilitate a medium sized property, and yet compact enough to fit comfortably in a loft space. This unit comes with an aluminium heat exchanger that has a heat exchange efficiency of up to 90%, because of this, the DHV-20B comes with a built-in condensate tray.


  • Up to 90% heat recovered
  • Suitable for domestic properties up to 140m²
  • Ideal for use in small to medium sized residential properties
  • SFP = 1.25 on low speed