DHV-25N Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit

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The DHV-25N is our base unit for our N range. Our N range units are slightly larger than our B range units due to the volume of air they manage, but with an energy consumption of around 80 watts, it still uses less energy than a standard light bulb.

Like our other units, the DHV-25N has a removable aluminium heat exchanger which recovers up to 90% of the heat exchanged. On it’s lowest setting, this unit has an air flow of 160m³/h, with the option to boost to 220m³/h on mid speed, and 250m³/h on high speed.


  • Up to 90% heat recovered
  • Suitable for domestic properties up to 150m²
  • Ideal for use in larger homes, and smaller commercial properties (dependant on your requirements)
  • SFP = 1.8 on low speed