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What are the benefits of HRV?

The benefits of a heat recovery ventilation system are many. Here are the reasons to consider an HRV system with your Superfoil representative:

1. Reduce humidity and remove condensation – excess moisture can buildup and cause damage to your home and building structure, as well as become a breeding ground for bacteria, mold and insects.
2. Exhaust stale, humid, polluted air – removing the undesirable air is the first step to creating a comfortable environment for your building and home inhabitants.
3. Replace stale air with fresh, dry, warm outdoor air – bringing in ideal air that is comfortable and healthy will keep the environment for living much more suitable and tolerable.
4. Transfer waste exhaust heat to incoming fresh air – as the stale and humid air is removed from the home, it passes through the HRV and warms the plates of the core and as the outdoor air is supplied it passes over the heated plates and warms, thus allowing both process to occur simultaneously but never mixing.
5. Transfer heat around the home – moving the air around the home to different areas that may have cold spots is more efficient and comfortable than turning up the heat and wasting more energy
6. Save up to 5 times more energy than it costs to run – saving your hard-earned money is not the only benefit of this system, but it is a good one.
7. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by recycling energy – we only have one planet and we want to keep it healthy as well. Using this energy-efficient system is not only good for your individual home and building but for all of us.

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