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Why choose HRV

Why choose HRV?

There are multiple options available for your ventilation needs. Each building and home are unique in their construction, location and environment so you need to evaluate the individual needs of your property. How do you decide if heat recovery ventilation is right for you?

You could certainly open a window or light some candles and spray air fresheners to change and improve the air in your home, but each come with cons such as introducing outside pollutants and harmful chemicals into the air. Ventilators have smart technology now and can draw in the perfect amount of air and get rid of unpleasant odors, chemicals and contaminants. The stale air is removed from your home and building while the air inside is kept at a comfortable level, all while reducing energy inefficiency.

New homes are incredibly efficient but it comes at a cost – they are so tightly sealed that fresh air cannot come in without assistance. It is definitely a benefit that their tight construction keeps out drafts, dust and other elements but it can also lead to the buildup of moisture and condensation. Fresh air can be brought in through an HRV system.

Do you have an attached garage? Then you probably know the unpleasant experience of keeping your trash and recycle bins in them and all their unpleasant odors. There are also fumes and toxins from your vehicles and containers that could seep into your home. Unless you have a ventilation system, these harmful bacteria and fumes could put your family at risk.

Spray foam insulation is more accurate and efficient for sealing and strengthening walls and floors and keeping your home and building warm in winter and cool in summer. The indoor air though, is continuously recirculated and can make the air stuffy, stale and uncomfortable.

If you have any of these three circumstances, you should consider a heat recovery ventilation system.

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